ROI Reports & Statistics

The list below is a snapshot of some of the analysis available to our customers.

Scenario 1.

It is not uncommon for a Power Utility to lose 10{eea5679fcea3f2f2b944099e3a22a6c6984f5df1c9f224020cdf77b9b7032e7e} of the purchased power due to line loss. This is multiplied due to the fact that this power is never able to be sold to the customer, even though you have purchased it. Reducing the line loss will improve the efficiency and therefore increase the end margins. (profits/desired outcome)

The XLerated Assets Customer Portal will display assets that can contribute to the actual line loss. Reports can be run to outline potential issues, these can include,

  • The wrong type of wire used at a certain location
  • Capacitors left out in the field that should be removed

With a complete set of data, the customer can pin-point assets and plan for these to be replaced, moved or reused.

Scenario 2.

Power Utilities spend a lot or time, effort, resources and budget each year inspecting assets such as poles and potential Hazards

XLerated Assets can simplify the task of determining which assets need to be inspected and on which date.

If enabled* the customer portal will display  the following,

  • Birth-date of a pole
  • Current Inspection date
  • Previous Inspection date
  • Condition of the pole (all assets contain a photo and the GPS location)

The Portal will allow you to select an asset, date range and have a list of assets generated for the next inspection. For clarification, the actual GPS location and photo of the asset can be included in the report.