Company Overview

From as early as the 1930’s Power Utility Companies have been building vast networks that have been maintained by hard working employees that pride themselves on bringing affordable power to Rural America. With this came challenges, the record keeping sometimes was using crude maps, using sketchy inventories or maintained by an aging workforce that would know the areas only by memory, thus posing a potentially devastating circumstance to a new contract employee unfamiliar with the system.

Although this is all too common, XLerated Assets realized very quickly that validating the actual number of assets involved needs to be streamlined and efficient. Not only is this process time consuming, the data needs to be real-time and accurate.

Our Solutions outlines our commitment to providing, state of the art, affordable and easy to use solutions, while providing accurate data collection and removing many steps unnecessary to the Asset Validation process.

Since we originated in Texas and with the background of one of the founders, we developed a Survey Solution for the Oil & Gas sector. This solution simplifies the survey data acquisition tasks required by a pipeline survey team. The reporting is detailed and the information is overlaid on Google maps. This means that pipeline managers can track resources, obtain accurate information and  improve the workflow while adding additional safety aspects and simplified location and tagging of a pipeline.