XL Streets

Asset Validation for Local Authorities

XL Streets allows you to seamlessly take a photo, tag the GPS location, categorize the asset and upload it to our backend server.  XL Streets was developed for use by the local authorities after spending a considerable amount of time discussing, and refining, the actual requirements with the various authorities. The product is fully customizable and allows the user to identify assets to provide detail of the asset location and condition.

Solves Key Problems Including…

  • Assets such as signage etc., can be removed, stolen or vandalized.
  • No accurate inventory making it difficult to plan for expansion and upgrades.
  • To assess the condition of an asset an expensive resource needs to be sent onsite.
  • In a number of situations, the employees know the where some assets are located, but only in a generic sense. No GPS accuracy, length, diameter, width etc. of the assets is available.
  • Information on the actual asset and location is hard to obtain and is not easily accessible.

Key Features

  • Ability to Validate the Asset real-time though easy-to-use category lists
  • PDA provides high-quality photos easily accessible on the Web Portal
  • Each asset is time stamped with the GPS location data
  • Assets can be displayed on Google Maps, the detail will pop-up as you hover-over a selected area
  • In case of a disaster, an area can be selected on the map and a bill of materials displayed and exported
  • The condition of an asset can be easily viewed on the portal.
  • Expensive manpower does not need to be redeployed to the field to inspect the condition of an asset.

Ideal For Use In…

County Precincts, City municipalities, Trucking companies picking available routes and road weight limits, bridge capacities or overpass heights (crucial when moving heavy loads, oversized or extra height loads).