XL Staking

iPad Staking ApplicationFor a Power Utility, new network planning and construction involves a lot of manpower and processes. This is often done manually with a design sketch and the inventory entered into a spreadsheet.


Typically a Staking process will have the following credentials,

  • High Accuracy GPS equipment is used to determine the exact location.
  • A stake is hammered into the ground and the GPS location is recorded on the Staking Sheet.
  • A ticker-tape is used to determine the distance between the assets.
  • The angle needs to be determined so that the correct product is used, this is not always accurate.
  • Different groups of people are involved and data is not always accurate.
  • The Staking sheet and asset list are manually entered into a spreadsheet then sent for approval.

The following problems can occur,

  • The property owner removes the Stakes and repositions them in a more desired location
  • Quick access to real-time Staking progress is not available
  • The distance between the assets needs to be calculated manually
  • Angles of the assets need to be calculated and this is usually guess work
  • From the start of a staking job to the approval stages can take days/weeks.
  • Expensive resource is required on-site to provide the survey.
  • Typically more that one Engineer must be on-site for the Staking job.
  • There is no central point for collecting all these processes and data.

XL Staking Solution

iPad or iPhone compatible

  • Real-time maps are available online and offline displaying the actual Satellite view of the Staking location.
  • All distances and angles are shown on the map canvas, if the assets are moved the distances and angles will also change.
  • The actual XL Staking data is sent to the server so any change in Staking location (inference by the property owner) will not be affected.
  • All Staking Location and assets can easily be added directly to the Satellite map.
  • Assets types can be selected from an easy-to-follow list of RUS products.
  • XL Staking jobs can be viewed real-time from a central office.
  • Local site access information can be noted and displayed on the portal.
  • Work orders can be printed, e-mailed or a live link provided for approval.
  • The engineer does not require to cross a hazardous situation to place a stake, this can be done directly on the map.
  • New inventory data is updated directly to the XL Assets WebPortal.