My family and I have owned property in Texas since the 1870s.

We have been fortunate to have several oil & gas wells in the past and have had to deal with the inevitable pipelines and power lines that accompany them.

The past marking of the lines can be hazardous to the farming & ranching operations we run. There are many problems with finding the exact location of the older lines. Some are marked on the surface, but many times the marked surface location is many feet away from the actual location.  And often times, there are no location markings at all. As you can imagine, this leads to some very unsafe situations.

I have been a volunteer firefighter and first responder in this area for 16 years and have witnessed several gas leaks due to improper marking of lines.  Being called out during the day and night with no map of these utilities places our lives and the future of our families in peril.

After much searching I was directed to XLassets, and I had them locate some of the  newly installed lines, which they did to their exact GPS location.  In one location the markers that the pipeline company installed were over 30 feet from the actual location of the line!  This could have been disastrous.

Now, with my secure login, XLassets has assured that I, my descendants, and any future owners will always know the exact locations of the lines on our property.

Bob Gresham