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Mar 02, 2011 by

Oil & Gas Pipeline Survey Solution

XLassets in connection with an expert in pipeline construction, inspection and survey, developed XL Pipeline Oil & Gas Pipeline Survey Solution. Our Expert brings 50+ years in of experience in the Pipeline industry onboard.

The PDA application allows the user to collect all data from the field on their PDA and upload it immediately to the portal. This reduces the time to produce the (report name/completed survey) with increased accuracy. The PDA along with a laser calculates the exact location, or “As Built”, of the pipe. XLassets uses a 3M product to mark the line that can be detected with absolute accuracy of up to 7 feet below the surface.

Pipeline Survey immediate challenges

  • The collection of data can be duplicated, and in some cases the existing data is not always available throughout the survey.
  • Location of resource is not always known and available.
  • Critical pipeline survey data entered onto survey sheets and then digitized at a later date increases the risk or error.
  • Location of the people is not always clear.
  • The time from providing the Preliminarily Route to the Competed Survey needs to be reduced.
  • Pipeline companies are now required to run pipes next to existing implementations. Locating the pipes is time consuming and in some cases extremely dangerous.
  • AS Built Survey requires an expensive crew to revisit the pipeline.