Making the right decision based on accurate information

After all the hard work done in the field, we have made sure that all the data you collect is stored, organized and ready for analysis. Asset locations are represented in the integrated mapping system, together with image capture, to give the office workers a real-world feel of individual assets and their environments. Assets can be viewed by company or users so that there is no confusion over rights, permissions or responsibilities. Organize asset lists by type, company or date of last entry.

If you need to share a full asset list, your database can be exported as a CSV for easy integration with other online platforms or print. Better yet, exporting data in a CSV format allows you to plug it into spreadsheets and software for data analysis, making it easy to find the root causes of issues such as line loss.

Keeping your data secure

Companies in the utility market, as well as government institutions, have become prime targets for cyber attacks – especially to ransomware. Cybercriminals not only see these organizations as targets with deep pockets but know that the pressure of disrupting utility services compounds the pressure to pay up. Which is why XLAssets has committed to regularly penetration testing its database in an effort to minimise the impact of vulnerabilities.